Easy Pete - Single

by Crabtree

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Pete: (Sigh) They told me the package was gonna arrive. I call 'em up and they said I should just wait here and I've been waiting, and I'm waiting. I'm tired of waiting, with these, goddamn, little, plants everywhere. These plants, all they do, they keep looking at me, ya know? 'N they say I gotta water 'em twice a week, but all they do is die anyway. They die and they just... they just die. The milkman doesn't help. Who is he anyway? It's not like it really matters anyways. I'dunno, sometimes I just feel like I'm gonna fuckin' lose it.

Clarence: Hey uhhh, something on your mind Pete?

Pete: The goddamn milkman.

Clarence: You got that look in your eyes again. You're making me nervous. Just, just take it easy man just, you know, step back, relax.

Pete: Well you don't know this guys Clarence. No. I know this guy, he keeps comin' around bringin' me cow droppings and I'm just supposed to trust him? (Heavy breathing) I mean who's to say he hasn't poisoned it?! Maybe he knows what's goin' on, he knows too much. I sure as hell don't trust him. No. No.

Clarence: Pete You gotta calm down man!

Pete: Quit lookin' at me like that Clarence.

Clarence: I'm not lookin' at ya'.

Pete: You weren't there, I was there.

Clarence: (Incomprehensible Stammering)

Pete: He was staring right at me. He had a hand full of milk and he threw it right in my face.

Clarence: Pete, were'd you get that guitar? Put it down! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT IT DOWN!


Pete: (Grunt)... Sorry about that Clarence.


released June 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Crabtree Chattanooga, Tennessee

Bass player, guitar player, music enthusiast and aspiring audio engineer. Just a few words that describe myself. Music has always been a passion of mine and making music is just something I do for fun.

At the moment, I offer all my music for free while accepting donations. All the donations I receive go directly to more Audio/Music gear in hopes of creating better productions in the future.
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